1. Preparation of casting bed (yard) Mobilization:

– Site preparation of casting bed

– Construction of casting bed foundation

– Inspection of mobilization of equipment and worker

– Approval of materials (Strand, Anchorage, sheathing pipe etc.)

2. Setting of bottom shutter:

– Check length and level of bottom shutter

– Check slope adjustment at bearing

– Check stability of bottom shutter (Connection, supporting)

3. Fabrication of re-bar

– Material testing for delivered rebar

– Inspection of shape & dimension of fabricated re-bar

4. Installation of re-bar

-Inspection of re-bar after installation (Location, spacing, concrete cover as per working drawing)

Re-Bar Inspection

5. Installation of duct with anchorage device:

– Inspection of location and alignment of PC duct

– Inspection of location and fixing end Anchorage

6. Installation of pre-stressing wire in PC duct:

-Inspection of length of pre-stressing wire (Surplus length for Jacking)

7. Installation & fixing side shutter:

– Check stability and verticality of form work

– Inspection concrete clear cover of re-bar with spacer

8. Casting of concrete:

– Check resources of concrete supply

– Confirmation of layer height to be cast

– Check casting speed

– Check stability and deflection of shutter during casting

– Check displacement of PC duct and re-bar during casting

– In-situ testing of delivered concrete

– Sampling & making specimen for compressive testing

Preparation of concreting work

9. Curing and removal of side shutter:

– Confirmation of elapsed (24 hours after casting)

– Covering by hessian cloth for curing

10. Post tensioning work of pre-stressing wire:

– Confirmation and approval of calibration of pre-stressing Jack and Pump

– Confirmation and approval of stressing control chart

– Confirmation of concrete strength

– Inspection and approval of the Engineer for stressing result

– Field record of pre-stressing.

Post tensioning work

11. Treatment of end of PC girder and slip check:

-Check slip after 24 hrs of pre-stressing

12. Grouting PC duct and face concreting:

– Check condition of PC wire (PC wire, Anchorage, Plate)

– Check condition cutting cable & capping end-Anchorage

– Inspection of actual mixing proportion grout

– In-situ testing of grout

– Inspection of pumping pressure of grouting

– Sampling & making specimen for compressive testing

13. Side shifting of girder to stack:

– After 24 hours of grouting shifting can be started

– Check condition & stability of Hydraulic jack

– Confirmation of stability of girder shifting, safety procedure

14. Erection of girder:

– Check stability of crane for maximum load

– Confirmation of lifting equipment are in good condition

– Confirmation right person are operating crane

– Confirmation of site safety & security

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